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1,1,2,2-Tetrachloroethane Vapor Monitor (OV-474)

1,1,2,2-Tetrachloroethane Vapor Monitor (OV-474)


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ACS Vapor Monitor can be worn as a badge near the breathing zone to measure personal exposure, or placed in a room to measure area concentration.

Workplace Exposure Monitoring

Measurement of personal exposure is very easy. Clip the monitoring badge near the breathing zone of the worker. Record the start time and the stop time of the test on the pouch of the badge and return it to the laboratory for analysis in the mailer provided. The analysis report will show the average concentration of the worker’s personal exposure level.

According to OSHA regulations, each person who uses a toxic gas as a regular part of their job must have their exposure monitored periodically.

Indoor Air Monitoring

Place or hang the badge in your home for 24 hours. Record the start and stop times and send the badge back to the laboratory for analysis in the mailer provided. The analysis report explains if the concentration level of your home is exceeding the exposure limit.

Principle of Operation

Air diffuses through a micro-porous membrane and collects vapor on special prepared adsorbents inside the monitoring badge.

TWA (ppm) 5 1  1
STEL/CEIL (ppm)    


AKA  Acetylene tetrachloride
 CAS#  79-34-5
 Analytical Method OSHA 7, NIOSH 1019
Absorbent  Activated Carbon
Minimum Level of Quantitation PPM for 8 Hours
PPM for 15 Minutes
PPM for 24 Hours
 Recommended Sampling Time  Workplace: 15 minutes to 8 hours
Indoor Air: 24 hours – 48 hours
 Interferences  No interferences are known
 Effect of Temperature  Less than 10% for each 10°C variation from 24°C
 Effect of Humidity  No effects detected at 30% RH to 92% RH.
 Accuracy  Meets or exceeds OSHA accuracy requirements of +/- 25%
 Storage Conditions  Store at room temperature.
 Recommended Holding Time Monitors need to be returned to Lab within two weeks after sampling.

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